Kubik’s Voice Solutions

Kubik’s Voice Solutions

WahlTek is excited to announce the purchase of Kubik’s Voice Solutions of Eastern Iowa. Kubik’s strong service and support reputation coupled with overlapping products and services made this alliance a perfect fit. We look forward to servicing and supporting Kubik’s Voice Solution Customers.

Philips SpeechLive


Speak. Send. Done.

All you have to do is speak – SpeechLive does the rest

Philips SpeechLive takes the dictation workflow to the cloud – with all of its great benefits. Record your dictations – anywhere, at any time and benefit from maximum security and reliability. Conveniently receive written documents in no time with the first complete Philips speech-to-text workflow solution.

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VoiceBridgeEX “Speech–in-Motion” from WahlTek advances the current powerful VoiceBridge healthcare documentation platform to include M*Modal front end, background speech recognition capabilities and electronic signature.

With diverse capabilities and WahlTek’s team of experienced professionals VoiceBridgeEX “Speech–in-Motion” can be perfectly customized to fulfill your medical documentation needs with multiple interfacing options to other HIS, RIS or EMR applications.

VoiceBridgeEX “Speech–in-Motion” will revitalize the way you manage and produce your healthcare documentation. Teaming all of these features with a 24/7 On-Call and Online support team makes it hard to find a reason not to choose VoiceBridgeEX “Speech–in-Motion” as your healthcare documentation platform TODAY!

WahlTek Proudly Serves these Industries!

WahlTek healthcare products range from comprehensive, enterprise-wide systems that support an entire healthcare facility's document management requirements to stand-alone units that support a single office or department.
The commercial division at WahlTek provides dictation and transcription products and services to meet the document management needs of law firms, insurance companies and government facilities. Customized solutions are available from Olympus, Philips, Nuance Dragon, FTR, iRecord and Crescendo to meet document management needs at all levels.
Public Safety and Government
WahlTek's recording systems division provides state-of-the-art digital voice and data recording solutions, coupled with integrated quality evaluation tools for public safety dispatch centers, commercial call centers, insurance companies, financial institutions, and a variety of other applications.

iRecord Digital Video
Recording System

iRecord is the first system of its kind to be designed from the ground up for the ERI (Electronic Recording of Interrogations) application.

The iRecord Vi system has been co-designed by a select group of detectives and law enforcement professionals who told iRecord developers what they wanted in their ULTIMATE ERI system.

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